Richmond, Cache County, Utah


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Latitude: 41.9227056, Longitude: -111.8135571


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Anders William  22 May 1885Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1209
2 Adamson, Edward  27 Feb 1888Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1204
3 Adamson, Otto Linnea  28 Aug 1890Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1203
4 Bennett, John Kenneth  06 Mar 1907Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9910
5 Budge, Seth  16 Sep 1887Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1683
6 Burnham, Aldean  23 Jun 1898Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1369
7 Burnham, Amy  8 Dec 1902Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1371
8 Burnham, Charles Penrose  1 Jul 1894Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1365
9 BURNHAM, Crysta Philinda  29 Jun 1882Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9717
10 Burnham, Ethelyn  11 Feb 1892Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1364
11 Burnham, Ettie  18 Sep 1887Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1360
12 Burnham, Lulu  8 Nov 1885Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1359
13 Burnham, Philinda  29 May 1889Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1362
14 Burnham, Wallace Kendall  22 May 1900Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1370
15 HORNE, John  Abt 1873Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9557
16 Hunsaker, Wallace Abraham  21 Aug 1902Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9827
17 NELSON, Alfred Nephi  20 Jul 1903Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9595
18 NELSON, Edward  11 Mar 1911Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9597
19 NELSON, Nephi Knute  2 Apr 1871Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9592
20 NELSON, Russell Knute  27 Oct 1908Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9596
21 Pack, Ivan  2 Jul 1913Richmond, Cache County, Utah I17177
22 PECK, Charlotte Jane  15 Apr 1885Richmond, Cache County, Utah I26900GNN-D
23 PECK, Edith Clarisia  6 Jun 1892Richmond, Cache County, Utah I26972LV-N
24 PECK, Everett  1 Mar 1888Richmond, Cache County, Utah I26972LV-M
25 PECK, Nina Jane  20 Jan 1877Richmond, Cache County, Utah I26955QB-TC

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 NELSON, Nephi Knute  2 Jun 1871Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9592
2 WOODLAND, Alfred George  5 Aug 1906Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9720
3 Woodland, Emily Ann  1 Jan 1880Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1286
4 WOODLAND, Sarah Dorthea  3 May 1888Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9654


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Anders  25 Jan 1910Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1226
2 BATEMAN, William  18 Mar 1867Richmond, Cache County, Utah I31779
3 Lavender, Sarah  11 Jul 1898Richmond, Cache County, Utah I31787
4 Mattsson, Catharina Margaret  8 Feb 1924Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1225
5 NELSON, Nephi Knute  7 Aug 1932Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9592
6 PECK, William Luther  Sep 1881Richmond, Cache County, Utah I26972LV-JG
7 Thompson, Nielsina Dorthea  24 Oct 1930Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1289
8 TRAVELLER, Frances Elizabeth  20 Feb 1966Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9729
9 Woodland, Alfred  5 Nov 1901Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1290
10 Woodland, Emily Ann  7 Jul 1964Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1286


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Anders  Jan 1910Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1226
2 BATEMAN, William  23 MarRichmond, Cache County, Utah I31779
3 HAMP, Elizabeth  Feb 1911Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9744
4 KNIGHT, Martha Ann  12 Jan 1919Richmond, Cache County, Utah I12785
5 Mattsson, Catharina Margaret  Feb 1924Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1225
6 NELSON, Nephi Knute  10 Aug 1932Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9592
7 NELSON, Russell Knute  22 Nov 1952Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9596
8 Thompson, Nielsina Dorthea  27 Oct 1930Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1289
9 TRAVELLER, Frances Elizabeth  23 Feb 1966Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9729
10 Woodland, Emily Ann  9 Jul 1964Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1286
11 Woodland, Niels Peter Thompson  Dec 1928Richmond, Cache County, Utah I9747
12 Woodland, Noah Lorenzo  25 Apr 1964Richmond, Cache County, Utah I1255


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HORNE / Woodland  20 Nov 1897Richmond, Cache County, Utah F4386
2 Woodland / Thompson  Abt 1876Richmond, Cache County, Utah F234