Eva Catherine Davis

Eva Catherine Davis

Female 1873 - 1953  (80 years)


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Untitled Verses for the Delphian Society by Eva Catherine Davis Penrose

Untitled Verses for the Delphian Society

How much time can I have to give this toast I said,
To tell about these figures who have so long been dead?
O about three minutes or five, and I says, “Sakes alive!”
I will have to go back 500 years to say just a little bit
About some noted women that were digged from out the pit.

Now we think we’re extra bright
In this here modern nation,
But we really do back
To get most of our inspiration.

Now in the 14th Century, women really had their day,
And they henpecked their husbands in the usual modern way.
They were Clarice Orsini and the sister D’Este,
Lucretia Borgia and Vittoria Colonna.

Now Isabella was said
To be the brightest of her time.
And accomplished many great things
When she was in her prime.

Beatrice was called the sweetest lady of her day
And was married and had some children in the good old-fashioned way.
Vittoria Colonna was quite a writer we are told,
And was betrothed to Marquis Pescaro when she was only four years old.

Not much was heard of fair Clarice,
But she was sweet and bright and I just fancy
She resembled in a way
Our sweet President, Mrs. Yancy.

Now Lucretia Borgia was not so sweet and undefiled
For before she was twenty-one she had two husbands and a child.

At that time the men were quite effeminate
And always wore knee pants
While the women wore long dresses, that always swept the ground
So they kept their streets real nice and clean
All the year around

But things today are quite reversed
And the men wear long pants, if you please
While most women wear their
Dresses way above their knees.

Cleanliness is next to godliness
Is our motto, so we say,
And I’ve searched through history’s pages
To find if they had bathtubs in that day.
But I could not find a thing
So guess it will be all right
To say they did have a bath
On every Saturday night.

But they made some right good perfume then
So supposed wherever they went
You could tell a noble lady
By her most exquisite scent.

But one thing they did not do
Was to use powder rouge and paint
Which makes us women of today
Just look like what we aint.

Now something I must mention
Are some writers of those times.
They were Chaucer, Langland to Petrarch
And they sure could sling the lines.

Chaucer was the greatest with his Canterbury tales
And the characters depicted were most of them mere males.
But one, the nun, who whenever she did sup
Would always wipe her dainty lips
To keep the grease from off her cups
And when eating things from off her plate, h well you know the rest
She would never drop a single crumb
Upon her lovely breast.

Oh Oh. My time is up but I would like to take a chance
And give a toast to dear old Utah
Instead of medieval France.

Verses from another draft:

How much time can I have to Mrs. Haycock I said,
To tell about these figures & writers
That have been such a long time dead.

Owner/SourceSusan Woodland Howard
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