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Dedicated to Me and Myself

Poem by Eva Catherine Davis Penrose

I have several copies of the following poem, some
handwritten and others typed. I suspect it was her
favorite. I donít know if it was written for a skit
or if it has ever been published before, but here it is
just as Eva wrote it.
Susan Woodland Howard, May 2007

Dedicated to Me and Myself

Many, many years ago
A sweet pink-toed baby came here.
She had big brown eyes and white curly hair,
And her Pa and Ma thought she was really a dear.

She was always a very happy child
And laughed and danced with glee.
When anyone was kind enough
To take her on their knee.

Now, at sixteen I had not changed a lot
My hair was golden, and m eyes still brown
And my figure was trim and neat
In fact, I was almost perfect,
Exceptiní my big feet.

When I looked into my mirror bright,
I didnít look so bad.
But now when I gaze into it,
It nearly drives me mad.

When I reached the age of forty-four,
I still was good to see.
My bust was a perfect 36,
And my waist just a few inches more,
But there was no sign of that middle-aged spread,
A knockiní at my door.

At sixty-five I gazed again,
Into my mirror bright
An, oh the shock it gave me,
I could not sleep all night

My hair was off, and my teeth were out
And my eyes were all sunken in.
And to my horror and dismay
I had a double chin.

Now the mirrors have all changed so much
I just look in them and sigh,
But after all, I guess itís me
Because mirrors do not lie.

Oh, why does that old Father Time
Have to be so tough,
Isnít kicking us in the shins
Entirely enough?
Why does he have to smack our face
Into such an awful mess;
Itís just because heís an old sour puss I guess.
Old boy, youíre not agoiní to be so smart
When justice catches up and puts a crimp in you.
And youíre goiní be awful sorry
When all this come to pass.
And the O.P.A. steps in,
And puts a ceiling on your glass.

Composed by Eva Davis Penrose

Owner/SourceSusan Woodland Howard
Linked toEva Catherine Davis

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