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Charles W. Penrose - Chronology of His Life

A timeline of significant events in his life compiled by his great-granddaughter, Susan W. Howard


Charles W. Penrose

Compiled by Susan W. Howard

MS—Millennial Star
DN—Deseret News

4 Feb 1832 - Charles William Penrose born Camberwell, London, England, to Matilda Sims Penrose and Richard Penrose. Charles has one older sister, Juliana. Three younger sisters will be born. He has one living grandmother, Jemima Hornblower Sims.

15 Sept 1834 - Lucetta Stratford b. Maldon, Essex, England to Eliza Barwell
Stratford and George Stratford.

8 Aug 1839 - Esther Romania Salina Bunnell b. Wayne Co. Indiana to Luther and Esther Bunnell.

20 June 1842 - Louise Elizabeth Lusty b. Cheltenham, England to John Charles and Ann Price Lusty.

1845-48 - Richard Penrose dies, exact date unknown.

14 May 1850 - Charles baptized a member of the LDS (Mormon) church.

Mar 1851 - Charles begins first mission. He is sent to Maldon where he teaches the family of George Stratford. Oldest son Edwin Stratford becomes Charles’ missionary companion a few months after the family becomes LDS.

1 July 1851 - Lucetta is baptized, the last of her family to join the church.

1 Jan 1854 - Charles courts Lucetta Stratford, but mission leaders deny permission for the couple to marry. During year he writes poem “O Ye Mountains High,” later set to music of Lily Dale.

21 Jan 1855 - Permission granted, Charles and Lucetta Stratford marry in Maldon and move to Orsett.

25 Dec 1855 - Jemima Hornblower Sims, mother of Matilda Sims and grandmother to Charles dies in London. Charles helps settle Jemima’s affairs.

2 May 1856 - Charles Kimball Penrose b. Maldon, England to Charles and Lucetta. He dies a few weeks later on. 20 July 1856. Lucetta will eventually give birth to 18 children, of whom 7 survive.

24 Nov 1856 - William Budge, a missionary, marries Lucetta’s younger sister, Julia. They eventually emigrate and settle in Cache Valley, Utah.

28 Nov 1857 - Poem “Up Awake Ye Defenders of Zion” appears in Millennial Star, Vol. 19, No. 48. CWP wrote words to this hymn, sung to “Red White and Blue” on hearing of U.S. troops marching to Utah. In response to the

Utah war, 88 American missionaries from British mission called home.

10 Dec 1857 - Ernest Stratford b. London England one month premature, but survives. Names and dates of birth of children in Vital Records.

23 Feb 1859 - Romania Bunnell marries Parley P. Pratt Junior in Salt Lake City.

1861 - CWP writes word for hymn “School Thy Feelings” in Birmingham England shortly before emigrating for US.

12 Apr 1861 - US Civil War begins. Confederates open fire on Fort Sumter, SC. War makes emigration more difficult and expensive.

23 Apr 1861 - Charles, Lucetta with 3 children under 5 and Stratford family board clipper ship Underwriter for New York.

21 May 1861 - Arrive Castle Garden NY

1861 - Settles in log cabin in Farmington, UT. Cabin still stands as a museum maintained by Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

31 Jan 1863 - Marries Louise Elizabeth Lusty (b 20 June 1843 Cheltenham). They will have 11 children, 8 survive

April 1865 - CWP called to serve mission in England.

May 1865 - CWP US Citizenship.

21 Aug 1865 - “A Song to the Poor and Oppressed” appears in MS.

11 Nov 1865 - “Blow Gently Ye Wild Winds” (“Loved Ones at Home”) published, MS, as CWP remembers a terrible storm in Farmington, Utah.

30 Dec 1865 - “Song of the British Saint” published in MS.

13 July 1867 - “Beautiful Zion for Me” written in Liverpool, England as a farewell to Brigham Young, Jr. on his return to Utah. (Date published in MS.)

Late 1868 - CWP returns from 3 ˝ year mission in England.

Moved from Logan farm to Logan Main Street. Became a retailer, Shearman & Penrose.

May ’69 - Forms Logan Coop Mercantile & Manufacturing Institution, Chas Penrose, Secy. Venture didn’t do well.

Home missionary & public speaker.

1870 - Editor Ogden Junction. Moved to Ogden. Public speaker, spoke in Conference, Elected to City Council.

1874 - Elected to territorial legislature to represent Ogden.

1876 - Delegate from Weber County to the territorial constitutional convention.

15 Mar 1877 - Romania Bunnell Pratt received MD degree from Women’s Medical College, Philadelphia.

1877 - After 8 years in Ogden, to SLC as assistant editor of DN under George Q. Cannon

November 1880 - Elected to territorial legislature to represent Salt Lake City.

21 Jan 1880 - Lucile, 18th and last child of Lucetta and CWP born SLC.

4 July 1880 - Lucetta falls and injures spine.

13 Sept 1880 - Editor in chief of DN (age 48)

26 June1882 - Admitted to membership in the Council of Fifty by Pres. John Taylor.

25 Aug1884 - Speaker at funeral for William S. Berry and John H. Gibbs two missionaries murdered by a mob in Cane Creek, Tennessee, while holding church services. CWP and Gibbs had served English missions together.

October 1884 - Delivers two addresses on controversial topics: Blood Atonement and Mountain Meadows Massacre, in SLC.

Dec 1884 - Arrest warrant sworn for CWP on polygamy charges

January 1885 - Travels to East Coast in hopes of finding friends for church, lobbies for statehood. Interviews President-elect Grover Cleveland.

4 Feb 1885 - Indicted for unlawful cohabitation after Lucetta and children examined before grand jury. As his legal wife, Lucetta declined to testify.

March 1885 - Called to mission in England. He visits his mother Matilda Sims Penrose and sisters Emma and Matilda and Cecilia. Sister Juliana died in 1882.

Oct - 1885 Returns to US. Says goodbye to Mother, Emma and Matilda for final time.

11 Mar 1886 - md Romania Bunnell Pratt, MD. Marriage not made public until 1905.

1 Aug 1886 - Leo Eugene, 10th and last child of CWP and Louisa born SLC

April 1887 - Travels to Washington to lobby for Utah statehood.

1 May 1887 - Mother Matilda Sims Penrose dies in London at age 82.

8 Oct 1888 - Sister Emma Roxana Penrose [Bryson or Jordan] dies in London.

Dec 1889 - Receives pardon (from Pres. Cleveland) for George Q Cannon and himself. The pardon is for two wives, so marriage to Romania is kept secret. Incarcerated 5 days, contempt of court for refusing to testify re number of marriages in unrelated case.

Sept 1890 - Church publishes Manifesto disavowing practice of polygamy

30 Dec 1892 - Last Editorial for DN. Call as asst. Church Historian. Joins staff of Salt Lake Herald.

1896 - Utah Statehood

1896 - Made director of Genealogical Society of Utah. He was a charter member, certificate # 26. He was appointed vice-president in 1909 and president in 1921.

1897 - CWP assigned to write missionary tracts, Rays of Living Light Bio p 251

Jan 1898 - CWP discourse in Tabernacle, remarks that he “is not in good health.”

Nov 1898 - Appointed Editor of DN second time, but First Presidency tells him “no politics.”

19 Jan 1903 - Lucetta dies in SLC

7 July 1904 - Apostle

1904-5 - Testifies in hearings on seating of recently elected Utah Senator Apostle Reed Smoot

11 Apr 1906 - Younger sister Matilda Eliza Penrose Parker dies in London.

Oct 19 1906 - Set apart as president of European Mission to replace Pres. Heber J. Grant.

2 Nov 1906 - Arrives in England.

January 1907 - Romania Pratt Penrose arrives London. She will accompany him during his term as mission president.

15 June 1908 - International Woman’s Sufferage Alliance convenes in Amsterdam. Utah governor John Cutler appointed Romania to be the states’ official delegate. She speaks at convention. Charles, a long-time advocate of women’s rights and suffrage, attends with her.

9 June 1910 - Released as Mission President.

Feb 1911 - Member of committee investigating three BYU faculty accused of teaching heresy, i.e. evolution. Committee decided that professors refrain from teaching “doctrines that have not received approval of the Church.” The three professors resigned.

23 July 1911 - Town of Penrose, named after CWP, honors him. He attends with Romania.

11 Dec 1911 - Second counselor to Joseph F. Smith

31 Jan 1913 - Celebrates 50th wedding anniversary with Louise Elizabeth Lusty Penrose.

1917 - Fire in Penrose home destroyed many books and genealogical records. With help of daughter retraced ancestry. See DN in honor of 90th BDay Feb 4 1922

1918 - Second counselor to Heber J. Grant

10 Mar 1921 - First counselor to Heber J. Grant

June 1921 - CWP receives honorary Doctor of Law degree from BYU.

16 May 1925 - CWP dies in SLC

25 May 1925 Edition of Time Magazine: “Died. Charles W. Penrose, 93, High Priest, member of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon); in Salt Lake City.”

3 Oct 1925 - Louise Elizabeth dies in SLC

9 Nov 1932 - Romania dies SLC

1983 - Inducted into Utah Newspaper Hall of Fame sponsored by the Utah Press Association.

Owner/SourceSusan Woodland Howard
DateJan 2008
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