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A Letter from Jessie Penrose Jones to her Father, Charles Penrose

In June 1914 Jessie was in Washington, DC with her daughter Gladys, helping to care for her daughter Vida Jone Bradford. Vida was recovering from the birth of her daughter Lucile Bradford.

Jessie explains some of her frustrations with genealogical research. She also complains about the heat.

This letter was transcribed and printed in the Penrose Publication.

828 Otis Place
Senate Chamber
8 June 1914

My Dear Father,

I have not yet gained any additional information regarding the Penrose family except that contained in the “Penrose Genealogy.” I wrote to the Biddle Pub. Co. and received a reply from them stating that they had forwarded the letter to Dr. Penrose who had the distribution of the book. I received the enclosed reply. As you will see the price is just double that quoted in the library at home. I have examined the book very carefully and that it contains much interesting information concerning the very early history of the Penroses. I think the price very high but you may very likely get a reduction of you make a personal request. There is no need of my spending time and means copying the records here is we purchase the history of the American branch, and I have not yet found any thing which is not in our own library.

I have compared the names and dates I copied from our library with many of those here which has taken a lot of time with no further information. While in Chicago I took down the names of all books there which contained any reference to our family name and have examined most of these books and will try and look up the others.

It is very hot here now and unpleasant to even dress to go on the street but I will not feel satisfied to come home without further research. Vida is doing fine but is not strong enough yet to do the house work and care for her children, so Gladys and I are obliged to spend most of our time here helping her and usually I am too tired to go down town after the house work is done. The only way I can accomplish anything is to go earl in the morning and work in the library all day, getting my lunch there which is rather expensive.

We are all anxious to get home as soon as Vida can travel. I fear we have left it rather too late and will now find it too hot to travel.

Gladys and I want to see Atlantic City, New York, and Niagara Falls if there comes a cool spell for a few days, if not I fear we could not stand the going about in this terrible heat which seems to sap the very life out of one, extracting all the moisture and leaving you feeling all dried up and withered.

Yesterday Ray, Vida, and I went for a nice long boat-ride down the Potomac to Colonial Beach, and spent a very delightful day. Gee it’s so hot I can’t think nor write.

Please remember me to all the family. The girls think I ought to write more often to them, but I just do not get time until evening and then I am too tired.

I hope, dear, that you are stronger and “weller” than when we left. It seems just about a year since I saw you. We will all be glad to get home. No place like Zion after all.

Lovingly, Jessie

Owner/SourcePenrose Publication
Linked toCharles William Penrose; Jessie Lucetta Penrose

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