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Charles W. Nibley - LDS Church Leader


Nibley served two missions for the LDS Church. His first mission, from October 1869 to March 1970, was to the eastern United States and was primarily a goodwill mission, trying to counteract the negative press surrounding polygamy in Utah. His second mission, from May 1877 to May 1879, was to England and proved to be influential to later Church history. He traveled with the new mission president, Joseph F. Smith, and while serving in England became good friends with the future Church president.[5]
Stake Presidency

After Nibley had moved to Oregon to participate in the lumber business, an LDS stake was organized in the area, and Nibley was called as the first counselor in the stake presidency. He served from June 1901 to December 1907.[5]
Presiding Bishop

Nibley was called as the presiding bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in December 1907 by Joseph F. Smith, with whom he had served in England a few decades earlier. It was during Nibley's term as presiding bishop that the LDS Church built the Hotel Utah.

"Charles W. Nibley was one of the most liberal industrialists of his time. But he had to compromise. Thus to finish the Hotel Utah, it was necessary to borrow $2,000,000, so President Smith sent Brother Nibley to Barney Baruch in New York to raise the money. He succeeded, and President Smith was delighted; but he was also alarmed when he heard the terms: it would all have to be paid back in two years. "Charley, what have you done? How in the world will we ever pay it back in that time?" Not to worry, they would have the whole thing paid off in two years. How? "I'm going to build the largest and finest bar in the West in the basement of the Hotel, and will see that we will pay off every penny of that debt." President Smith went through the ceiling; which was it to be, the Word of Wisdom or fiscal soundness? The dollar won"

First Presidency
In 1925, he was released as presiding bishop and was asked to be second counselor to Heber J. Grant in the church's First Presidency. He is one of the few individuals to serve in the First Presidency without having been ordained to the priesthood office of apostle.

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