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The Home Town in the Country of Latvia
Has Been Part of Many Other Countries including: Germany, Poland, Russia, even Sweden
The name of the city has changed with the language of the country that occupied it
Today its name in Latvian is Rezekne

This is a hand written note by Bessie in about 1970 to Beatrice telling her the city where Reuben was born. This is the same city on Abe's travel documents as his place of origin.

Bessie's note had all the right letters but a little out of order. The Russian name was Rezhitza. In the Latvian language the name is Rēzekne

The 1897 All Russian census shows that the family lived on Dvoryanskaya street in house number 10. The house was made of wood and covered with wood with living quarters for one family. The Street today is named Barona. See the photos and maps.

Notice how she spelled his last name, HORIVITZ closer in sound to HOROWITZ. Her foreign spelling is GURAVICH.

What is the foreign first name she is spelling? It looks like Eruchem. He was listed in the 1897 census as Yeruchem. Other versions of the same name ares: Rubinek, Rukhem, Ensechen.

She spelled the district Wittelski which is phonetically Vitebsk. Vitebsk in Latvia is now Latgale.


This map shows part of the old Pale with the city name spelled the way Bessie spelled it, Rezhitsa. It is the same city on Abe's passport as his place of birth. The modern name for the city is Resekne


Relative Distances in Miles

REZEKNE to this city CHICAGO to this city
Riga, Latvia   130 Peoria, IL   128
Minsk, Belarus   180 Springfield, IL   180
St Petersburg, Russia   260 St Louis, MO   260
Moscow, Russia   403 Pittsburg, PA   408
Vilnius (Vilna), Lithuania   157 Indianapolis, IN   160
Prague (Horovice), Czech   614 Wichita, KN   601
Polatski, Belarus    93 Milwaukee, WI    80
Vitsyebsk, Belarus   143 Ft Wayne, IN   143
New York City, NY, USA   4,310 Rezekne, Latvia   4,640
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