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Art from Members of Our Family
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This cute calendar was designed, developed, laid out, photographed, printed, bound and distributed by the Harps Sisters.

Calendar Cover

January - Patty plays in the snow and builds a snowman

February - Playful Patty makes a snow angel

March - Patty celebrates St. Patty's day

April - Patty the firefighter is ready for the spring

May - Patty gets into the spirit of memorial day.

June - Patty is graduating.

July - Patriotic Patty Celebrates the nation's independence.

August - Patty tunes up her tan for summer on the beach.

September - Patty loads up her backpack with books and she is off to school for another year.

October 2003 - Patty celebrates Holloween

November - Patty, the Pilgrim Girl, celebrates Thanksgiving

December - Patty is a Christmas Angel.