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Horwitz Family Club
Photo Taken Dec 1939, Dorin Home in Chicago 

Alice Laibovitz, Daug of Bessie Marty Klapman MD,  Husb of Sylvia, Daug of Bessie Sylvia Laibovitz Klapman, Daug of Bessie Stuart Dorin, Son of Florence with Dorin Family Cat Henry Horwitz, DDS, son of Reuben, husb of Esther Esther, Wife of Henry Horwitz, Son of Reuben Gerorge Hurwitz, Son of Max Simon Horwitz Morris Horwitz Bessie Horwitz Max Horwitz Florence Horwitz Dorin Reuben Horwitz Ida Horwitz, daug of Eliah Horwitz, wife of Isadore Rosenberg Isadore Rosenberg, Husb of Ida Horwitz Rosenberg Edward Horwitz Sara, wife of Edward Robert Dorin, MD, son of Isadore and Florence Paulina, wife of Reuben Horwitz Isadore Dorin Beatrice Horwitz Sondler Isadore Sondler Isaac Laibovitz Philip Katter Paul Hurwitz, MD Mildred Hurwitz Minnie, wife of Simon Molly, wife of Morris Horwitz Dora Horwitz Greenberg, Daug of Eliah and Gutta David Greenberg Fanny Horwitz Katter, Daug of Eliah and Gutta Harold Dorin, MD Ida M Horwitz, Wife of Jack Horwitz, Son of Eliah Celia Hurwitz, wife of George Ted Hurwitz, Son of George, Son of Max Victor Hurwitz, Son of George, Son of Max Jacob (Jack) Horwitz, son of Gutta and Eliah

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