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Horwitz Family Patriarch

Yiddish: Henoch Hirsh Horwitz

Russian: Genech Girsh Gurevitch
of Rezekne, Latvia
about 1838 to about 1909

His Personal Data

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 His Descendants

One version of our Family name in Yiddish is

While this transliterates to Horwitz Click here to find out more about our family name.

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Photos of Gutta Horwitz Family Gathering in Chicago 1948 to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Jack and Ida Horwitz

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Henoch Hirsh Horowitz Family in Chicago 1939

Click on Photo for Larger View then Float Cursor over face to see who the person is. Click on face to go to that person's record.


We now know our Horwitz Ancestors Back to 1750

Click on the chart to see the generations added by Aleks' report.

Horwitz Family Home in Rezekne

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According to the 1897 All Russia Census our family lived in House #9 on what is today Barona Street. Here is a Photo of House #9 taken 30 Nov 2003. The home has clearly been refurbished. (We are not sure this is actually the same home or site but it could be.)

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Listen to Bessie Horwitz Laibovitz
talk about life in Rezekne, Florence Falling in the River, Nottie coming home unexpectedly, and lots more. Recorded April 17, 1979, just a few weeks before she passed away. Click on this Link.

Our Horwitz/Horowitz Family came from Rezekne, Latvia
(Formerly Rezhitsa)
Click Here for Information about REZEKNE

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Horowitz Family Name Comes from a City in the Czech Republic (Horovice) near Prague
Click Here to Find Out More

Before Horovice the Ha-Levi (Horowitz) Family Came from Gerona (Girona), Spain
Click Here for Article

A Word About Riga

Riga sits on the banks of the Daugava River just as it is about to enter the Baltic Sea. Thanks to the kindness of Dave's Deloitte Partner in Riga, Igor Rodin, Dave visited the Museum of "Jews in Latvia" and connected with Aleksandrs Feigmanis.