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On the occasion of the 25th wedding anniversary of Jack Horwitz and Ida Dorman Horwitz. there was a gathering of the Horwitz Family in Chicago in 1948. These stills are from a a black and white 8 mm movie made by Ruby Kaufman. Terry Howard obtained the movie from his widow, Eleanor, before she passed away in 1987. Terry had a friend in the motion picture processing business who colorized the old movie and added a music background.  We will soon have a link for you to view the movie. We express gratitude to the Kaufmans and to Terry Howard for preserving this important bit of Horwitz family history. Terry Howard has been able to identify many of the people in the photos. Jerry Horwitz (Long Beach) has also helped. However, there are still many unknowns. If you know who they are please send me an email and I will add the information Please visit all three pages of photos of this event.


Unknown, Moe Dorfman, Unknown

Elaine Rosenberg Cohen

Elaine Cohen, Isadore Rosenberg (Elaine Cohen's dad)

Jean Greenberg, wife of Eddy Greenberg, son of Dave and Dora

Jean and Eddy Greenberg

Eleanor Kaufman (daug of Sam and Sylvia Horwitz)

Jerry Horwitz (Chicago Jerry)

Dora and Dave Greenberg, Fanny Horwitz

Fanny Horwitz, Phillip Katler

Fanny Horwitz, Phillip Katler

Phillip Katler and Unknown

Dora and Dave Greenberg

Jack Horwitz

Morton and Jack Horwitz

Edward and Sara Horwitz

Marvin Sumner and Unknown


Moe Dorfman and Dave Greenberg

Dave Greenberg

Jean Greenberg

Renee and Herman

Renee and Herman

Sydney Zatz

Eleanor Kaufman Horwitz

Ruby Kaufman (husband of Eleanor)

Delores Horwitz Zatz, Jerry Horwitz

Sydney Zatz and Unknown Man