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These photos were taken 30 October 2003 by Dave Howard.


Dave Howard about 200 yards north of the Catholic Cathedral with Rezekne River behind him, in the distance the old ruins can be seen.

Rezekne homes have "barns" in the back for livestock and other storage. They might also have a bathhouse (sauna) and 100 years ago a latrine.


North on Latgale street past Catholic Cathedral. Barona street ahead on the right.

Rezekne scene

Power pole in Rezekne. The part in the ground is concrete. They strap on the wood pole. The ground is so moist this keeps the pole from rotting.

Back buildings on residential property

Wood home

Wood house, dirt road, old neighborhood where our family lived.

Rezekne River closer to the end of Barona Street. My guess this is close to where Florence fell in and Bessie had to give up her dry cloths.

My guide Alex near the Rezekne River.

Rezekne building

Rezekne building.

Rezekne building

Old neighborhood where our family lived.

Dave Howard on dirt road with wooden homes in neighborhood where our family lived.

Timber pile

Modern Rezekne

Rezekne town center



Orthodox Chruch in Modern part of town from the window of the Little Italy restaurant

Wood home

New wood house

Rezkene, old residential area.

Rezekne, old residential area.

Latvia coountryside

Wood building, panorama view.

Wood house on Barona Street, the street our family lived on.

Wood house on Barona Street