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Rezekne main street in 1927

Rezekne main street in 1929 looking up toward Cathedral

Old Synagoge in Rezekne that was in existence 100 years ago. Our family would have known this Synagogue.

Typical street scene in Rezekne in nieghborhood where Horwitz family lived. Note the dirt road.

Rezekne River at foot of Barona Street, probably close to where Florence fell in.

Dave Howard on street in Rezekne near where family lived.

Modern Fest of Rezkne

Rezekne ceramics

1917 View of Orthodox Church

Rezekne street scene about 100 years ago.

Old Rezekne scene

War refuges leaving Rezekne

Rezekne war scenes

Rezekne war scenes

Catholic Cathedral in Rezkene

Orthodox Church in Rezekne

Statute in Rezekne Town Center

Rezekne ruins of old castle with Catholic Cathedral in the background

Rezekne River

Rezekne view. Timber industry important here.

Detail of Horwitz Haberdsahery

Old view of Rezekne River, Old Castle Ruins in left, Catholic Cathedral in background

Old Pharmacy in Rezekne. There were two at the turn of the century. One was run by the Yaffa family.

Rezekne modern view from ballon

Rezekne Main Street, Horwitz Haberdashery on left near front.