Test Information

  • Taken by Living 
    Vendor Family Tree DNA 
    Test Type Y-DNA 
    Number of STR Markers 172 
    Y-DNA Haplogroup Q-Y3028 (Ashkenazi Jewish) - Predicted 
    Significant SNPs Q-M242, Q-M378, Q-L245, Q-Y2209, Q-Y2200, Q-Y2232, Q-Y2197, Q-Y2198, Q-BZ2, Q-Y3 
    Terminal SNP Q-Y3028 
    Kits: Y-DNA37, DeepSNP-Q, Y-DNA67, DXYS156, DYS156, DYS434, DYS435, DYS441, DYS445, DYS452, DYS461, DYS462, DYS463, DYS485, DYS495, DYS635, DYS643, DYS714, DYS716, DYS717, DYS726, Y-GATA-A10, Y-GGAAT-1807, Y-STR DNA-FP Panel 5 Palindromic Pack, Deep Clade Extended, Q-L245 SNP Pack Ashkenazi Jewish: Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine
    Linked to Henoch Horwitz,   b. 1745, Horwitz Family Residence, Rezekne, Latgale, Latvia Find all individuals with events at this location