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Baldwin-Wallace University, Bach Festival, Berea, Ohio
Baldwin-Wallace University, Bach Festival, Berea, Ohio

This festival, the oldest continuous collegiate Bach festival in the United States, is one that Roy and Carol Thomas have enjoyed since Carol's retirement in 1999.

Their interest in Baldwin-Wallace followed the appointment of Peter Landgren, as Dean of the B-W Conservatory of Music. They also learned of the Conservatory's outstanding program in music theatre, a favorite genre, and established an endowment in Carol's honor.  
  27 Nov 2019
Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA
Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA

The Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival is one whose performances Roy and Carol Thomas have enjoyed since Carol's retirement in 1999.

MEMORIES OF CAROL JEAN WEHWEIN BY MARY KAY ADAMS (former Executive Director, principal flute):

"The Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival was enriched by Carol's ideas and suggestions, attendance at a multitude of concerts throughout the years, her contagious enthusiasm, her continued financial support, her true friendship, and her beautiful, glowing smile when we saw her each summer. Carol's and Roy's establishment of a festival endowment will ensure the continuation of the SVBF long into the future. And I will always be grateful for the way in which Carol touched my life personally in a very wonderful way."

(President Emeritus, Eastern Mennonite University):

"During our 13 years at EMU, Pat and I always anticipated seeing Roy and Carol on campus in June for the annual Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival. Though Carol's health and energy declined in recent years, we were inspired by her gracious spirit and deep love of classical music." 
  27 Nov 2019
Peabody Renaissance Ensemble, Baltimore MD
Peabody Renaissance Ensemble, Baltimore MD

The Renaissance Ensemble of The Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University, is one of the chamber groups whose performances Roy and Carol Thomas have enjoyed since Carol's retirement in 1999.


"I have MANY memories of Carol being at just about every one of my concerts for a period of several years. She always sat in the front row. When I conducted, I couldn’t see her, but when I played, I could and she often had such a beatific look on her face. She was so engaged and swept away by the music. It made me, as well as my student performers, who also saw her, more comfortable, more confident, and more satisfied with what we were sharing. Carol took everything in and at intermission and after the concerts she ALWAYS had questions about specific pieces, performers, or instruments. She was the audience member every musician loves playing for.
Of course she (and Roy) also took a deep interest in my family and always asked how various members were doing and always remembered the specifics of one of our ups or downs. She was amazingly supportive and we will all miss her dearly."


"Carol is vivid in my mind. One of the things that I found special about Carol was her authenticity. She had a way of being interested and supportive, while retaining a wry--sometimes surprising--humor, and unabashed honesty. When we were with Carol and Roy together, I always noticed the energy and authority they both brought to being at a concert or conversing over a meal. I appreciated that, as a couple, their combined life experience and knowledge was blended with so much appreciation for, and curiosity about, the world. I smile when I remember seeing Carol and Roy engage with one another because they seemed to respect one another without taking each other too seriously. That might be one of the reasons that their long marriage seemed to be a partnership of equals. I am glad to have known Carol." 
  27 Nov 2019
Pro Musica Rara, Baltimore MD
Pro Musica Rara, Baltimore MD

Pro Musica Rara is one of the chamber groups whose performances Roy and Carol Thomas have enjoyed since Carol's retirement in 1999.


"Carol Thomas was a very special friend not only to Michael and me but to the entire Pro Musica Rara family as well! She and Roy were most caring, dedicated, philanthropic patrons of PMR for many years. It was a pleasure to greet both of them at concerts.

Carol was very bright and most articulate! She spoke beautifully and with great clarity to display her feelings and emotions. Her artistic ability and creativity was frequently exemplified in the greeting cards that we were so privileged to receive.

One musical experience, aside from many at Pro Musica Rara concerts and functions, that was so special to Mike and me, was our escorting Carol and Roy to an Embassy in Washington, D.C. for dinner and a special musical evening. It was fun to be with Roy and Carol and to experience her wit and exhuberance! What a fun evening!

Even when Carol became ill and had difficulty getting around, she and Roy faithfully attended Pro Musica Rara concerts. With a smile and very kind words, she expressed her happiness at being part of a wonderful musical afternoon. Carol knew that she was failing physically and occasionally commented, but she still exemplified the same style, grace, and cheerful demeanor that were her trademark for many years. Still cheerful and delightful in spite of her ailments!

Carol was a wonderful, very special friend, and we are so happy to have had her and Roy in our lives. The Pro Musica Rara Board and extended family express the same sentiments!" 
  27 Nov 2019
Handel Choir of Baltimore
Handel Choir of Baltimore

The Handel Choir of Baltimore is one of the chamber groups whose performances Roy and Carol Thomas have enjoyed since Carol's retirement in 1999.


"I met Roy by telephone on one of my first days in Baltimore. He and Carol had noticed an article in the Baltimore Sun about my appointment to Handel Choir of Baltimore, and they called the office to find out more. On the spot and to my utter astonishment, they made a donation. Some people bet on horses and the like, but this kind of betting was an investment in the future of singing, arts, and arts education. I was very impressed Roy and Carol understood that we were a startup, despite the organization’s long history. Their interest, initiative, and gift gave me the fuel of encouragement.

Over the nine years of my work with Handel Choir, Maureen Ragan and I often shared lunches and dinners together with Roy and Carol when they came up from Bethesda. We talked about potential projects, strategies, and repertoire. What a joy it was to have these two passionate enthusiasts throw their time and energy into supporting not only us but other smaller arts organizations in the Baltimore-DC area. They strove to attend as many concerts of various smaller organizations as was humanly possible, and they introduced me to other artists, several with whom we collaborated, thanks to Roy and Carol. Few of Handel Choir’s supporters took such a deeply personal approach. The fruits of Roy and Carol’s involvement was remarkable, substantial and enduring.

We have many very happy memories of Carol: her hand-made greeting cards; her passion for teaching English to new-comers; her love of singing music and cultivating success for Peabody students; and her sitting in the front row at concerts to not just hear but see everything, too. To watch her and Roy negotiate the choice of lunch or dinner entrée to share was always fascinating! Carol was outspoken and a fire-brand of conviction. We both are honored to have known her." 
  27 Nov 2019
Handel's 'Alexander's Feast,' performed by The Bach Sinfonia of Silver spring, MD and The Handel Choir of Baltimore
Handel's "Alexander's Feast," performed by The Bach Sinfonia of Silver spring, MD and The Handel Choir of Baltimore

Carol and Roy Thomas introduced the directors of these two groups, who then collaborated first in a performance of "Alexander's Feast" in Washington, D.C at a national convention of musicologists and later in the recording of the CD at another venue. 
  27 Nov 2019
Carol Jean Wehrwein 1946
Carol Jean Wehrwein 1946

George Washington High School, Alexandria, VA, senior photo in the 1946 yearbook, "The Compass"


"It was early in 1942; our country had just become deeply involved in World War II; one last street was added to the Beverley Hills Community of Alexandria, Virginia and filled with lovely two-story brick colonial homes. Marge Lyman and her family moved into 708 North Overlook Drive and Carol Wehrwein and her family moved into a house across the street. Little did we realize that the friendship forged between those two young teenage girls would thrive and be so meaningful for over 70 wonderful years. Carol and I would meet each school day and walk five blocks to catch the school bus together; we walked home every day after school together; we shared homework in each other’s homes, and we confided teenage secrets with each other.

A major part of our lives was the youth group at Beverley Hills Community Church, where Rev. Bill Basom was our spiritual anchor during those wartime years of fear, anxiety, rationing, and concern for my father, who as a career naval officer, was on board ship fighting in the Pacific. Weekly meetings at the church, confirmation classes, sledding and field trips forged a close bond for our group of about a dozen teenagers that all of us remember to this day.

George Washington High School was our only high school in Alexandria, Virginia and we were diligent students and strong supporters of our teams and our friends. Carol was a member of the Girl’s Glee Club, along with Jane Reynolds (Hayum), Agnes Feild (Burke), and Mary Jane Abdill (Hunt), all members of our Youth Group. On the other hand, I was involved with the Girl’s Athletic Association and played volleyball, basketball, and softball. The statement alongside Carol’s senior picture in The Compass (our high school yearbook) for our 1946 class read: “Carol Jean Wehrwein – rated A by students and teachers alike” to which we all agreed. These were good growing years for both of us, and then we were all off to college – Carol and Mary Jane Abdill to Florida Southern; Marge and Jane Reynolds to Albright College – but even as our paths diverged, we stayed in touch with Christmas and summer visits and letters to each other and by 1950, it seemed those college years had gone by very fast!

And then came the news that Carol was in love and getting married September 9, 1950 – and Carol asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding where we met Roy Thomas. I remember flying to Detroit, Michigan for several days of wedding preparation and making our own bridesmaid dresses, which were all in lovely pastel colors. An added surprise was that my Dad happened to be on a business trip and arrived by train for the wedding of his neighbor’s daughter and to see his own daughter walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid.

And then on April 16, 1955, Carol was among my bridesmaids when Art Miller and I were married in Beverley Hills Church with Rev. Bill Basom officiating and Mary Jane Abdill as our soloist. Among those attending were Mr. & Mrs.Wehrwein, Roy Thomas, and three-year old Susan who was adorable in a pretty white dress. I still use and cherish the silver tray that Mr. & Mrs. Wehrwein gave us a wedding gift. Carol & Roy’s gift was typical “Carol”, and one of the most valued, appreciated, and ever so practical – ten kitchen utensils in a large waste basket

The years that followed were busy and family-filled as both Carol and I filled our homes with four children each – Carol & Roy in Colorado and Maryland; Art and Marge in Northern Virginia, then Potomac, Maryland and finally in 1974 to Pennsylvania. Thanks to Carol’s genius for clever Christmas cards and an eagerness to stay in touch, our friendship flourished over the years as we watched our sons and daughters mature and grow, marry, and begin families of their own. Carol and Roy traveled to Wayne, PA in April 2005 to help celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, and Marge and Art were honored in 2010 to celebrate with Carol and Roy at their 60th anniversary luncheon in a Georgetown restaurant near Washington, DC. A few years ago, we gathered for a delightful luncheon in Exton, PA where Susan joined us and we shared pictures and stories of our families as well as our mutual interests in music and genealogy.

Now that Carol has gone on ahead of us, it is with gratitude and a thankful heart that I dedicate these fond memories to my longtime friend, Carol Jean Wehrwein Thomas." 
  27 Nov 2019
Carol Jean and Roy Richard Thomas, 56th Wedding anniversary (2006)
Carol Jean and Roy Richard Thomas, 56th Wedding anniversary (2006)

Carol and Roy are holding, at a Greek restaurant, Bethesda, Montgomery, MD, framed tributes written by their four children.


"We have known Carol and Roy for almost twenty years and consider you extended family. Roy, you were our dedicated and devoted Realtor from 1993- 2007. You tirelessly worked with us in our many stages of transition from Harpers Ferry, WV to Gaithersburg, Derwood, back to Gaithersburg and finally Potomac, where we currently continue to reside happily. Through it all, we strived to achieve and work hard to get into the best neighborhood possible and persevered with all due thanks and credit to Roy's unwavering patience and determination to find us our happy home. We are deeply and forever grateful for all you have done for our family."

Throughout the years, I always marveled at Roy's love and devotion to Carol and her reciprocation to him. In her final hours, I expressed to her that she had chosen the finest husband and that she was so loved by family, students and many others. I hope and pray she heard me, but I am certain she knew this regardless.  
  27 Nov 2019
Carol Jean Wehrwein, 1948
Carol Jean Wehrwein, 1948

Holton-Arms Junior College, then Washington, DC (now Potomac MD to grade 12), senior photo in the 1948 yearbook, "The Scribe."

"Carol Jean Wehrwein. Carol takes an active part in Scroll, Scribe (yearbook), and Happy's modern dance, but she devotes most of her time to music. She is one of our most accomplished pianists, and last year she was in the Glee Club as well civic singing groups. The Call of the West is strong in this transplanted Californian, despite her varied activities here. Holton will miss Carol's determination and ready energy when she leaves this year."


"Carol’s mother and my father were sister and brother, and for many of our growing-up years the two families lived in the Washington area. Because of this proximity it became a tradition that we shared holiday dinners (always turkey!)

Aside from listening to endless adult conversation and expert demonstrations of turkey carving, what made at least one of these visits memorable was a kind gesture by Carol. Although she was 8 years older than I, on this occasion she took me and my siblings, her “little” cousins, upstairs to play board games. Far superior to listening to discussions of the best way to counteract dandelions!

Our Grandparents held large open house gatherings to celebrate their 50th and 55 wedding anniversaries. Carol’s family and mine stayed in the family home, and other relatives paid visits. One evening when I was 11 and had been put to bed, I stole a look out the window at the aunts and uncles sitting in the yard. Carol, then 19, wrapped a towel turban-style around her just-washed hair and went out to join the adults. This impressed me as being just terribly glamorous and I repeated it several times after we got home. My mother was not impressed!

A project of Carol and other older cousins at the anniversary gathering was trying to identify all the aunts, uncles and cousins who walked through the house, and determine their relationship to each other. This shared information was then carefully added, following much discussion, to the family tree diagram they were developing.

Carol’s interest in genealogy continued the rest of her life. She did a great deal of research on the European roots of the families and was in touch with a relataive who had compiled a book which traced family roots starting in the early 1800’s in Germany. The book represented a huge investment of time, but was merely the starting point for Carol’s own research. She generously spent quite a bit of time in 2010-2011 sharing this information with me.

Through our parents Carol and I were kept abreast of each other’s lives. I knew that she had married in 1950 and gone to live in Colorado. When I married, in 1959, Carol’s wedding gift to me was a casserole dish with at least a dozen hand-written recipe cards inside. These presumably were fairly fool-proof recipes for the new bride. I still have a number of these cards, and every once in a while will come across one. It makes me smile."
  27 Nov 2019
Carol Jean Wehrwein (1929-2017) Needlework #2
Carol Jean Wehrwein (1929-2017) Needlework #2


"There are many things I think about when I think of my Grandma Thomas. I remember the clippings she liked to send, the banana bread recipe passed down through generations, the cross stitches she made for us over the years celebrating our marriage and the birth of our kids, the brightly colored furniture in her house when we would visit, the plants that were always around, and many other tidbits that make me smile. I love that we shared a love of history and politics, even though we were often on opposite sides of issues. I could see in myself the passion that she had for these things, so even when we disagreed I still felt close to her in just the fact that we both cared so much about it. What I hold so dear in the last few years of her life though, was the way she reacted to Owen's hugs. Owen loves to give hugs and I'll never forget the broad smiles on Grandma's face those last several visits as she embraced Owen. I could tell it was special to her, and that made it special to me.

Grandma has left quite a legacy in her children, grandchildren, and students that she has influenced over the years with her dedication and passion to education, music and current events!" 
  27 Nov 2019
Carol Jean Wehrwein Thomas (1929-2017)
Carol Jean Wehrwein Thomas (1929-2017)

MEMORIES OF CAROL JEAN WEHRWEIN THOMAS BY EILEEN DOWER (retired media specialist, Montgomery County Public Schools; Second Wednesday Book Club)

"Carol and I had much in common–-we both loved to read and to teach. We first met as media specialists working for MCPS in high school libraries. We were both active in our professional organization.

Carol also worked part-time at Montgomery College, teaching foreign students the art of pronunciation. She was uniquely qualified for this position as her own speech was articulate and precise--a model to emulate!

She discovered that my previous teaching experience included instructing ESOL students in various places--East Africa, New York city, and Montgomery County adult education system. She then introduced me to the Montgomery College administrator, who hired me to teach ESOL part-time at night and on Saturday. Thanks to Carol!

Another fond memory of Carol occurred when we retired librarians started our "Second Wednesday Book Club." She declared at the start: “I don’t read fiction!”

When her turn came to choose a monthly book and serve lunch, she chose "The Professor and the Madman," by Simon Winchester. A work of historical fiction!! We ALL agreed it was one of the best reads that we had ever had!!

Carol was a valuable member of our book club and a loyal friend. I shall miss her!" 
  27 Nov 2019
Four generations: great-grandmother - Jeannie W Wehrwein - Carol Jean Thomas - Susan Rebecca Thomas Treadway and Rebecca Mae Treadway 1975
Four generations: great-grandmother - Jeannie W Wehrwein - Carol Jean Thomas - Susan Rebecca Thomas Treadway and Rebecca Mae Treadway 1975


"Our Mom and Dad were delighted to have their first grandchild, Rebecca. I visited when Becky was about eighteen months old. Mom rented several key items for us to have on hand at their home, including a high chair, stroller, car seat, and portable crib. Very helpful!

As a busy toddler, Grandma Carol and the new mom, Susan, were kept busy while Becky explored their Maryland home both inside and out. Such fun to share numerous activities, especially with some of the familiar toys and blocks Mom kept from our own childhood in the same blue and brown boxes. Neat indeedI

Much later on, Mom and I ventured forth together to visit brother Bob and his wife Debbie, who were stationed in southern Germany. Packing our belongings prior to that memorable trip was nothing compared to skillfully packing afterwards to come back home safe and sound. Oh yes, we had some shaky moments: maneuvering through German train stations, managing to speak a smattering of broken German as we went sight-seeing, taking many, many photographs, exploring the countryside where Bob and Debbie lived, and tasting new items from German menus. Yet, Mom was proud to say that daughter Susan was a Master Packer, since we had numerous bulky, fragile souvenirs which needed extra care and layers of protection. It was an incredible, wonderful trip!

Cooking and baking have grown in interest for me over the years, from when I first enjoyed Home Economic classes in middle school to marriage and having my own family. Much of the time, I don’t use a specific recipe, and yet some of the family favorites require using Mom or Grandma Wehrwein’s special take on a dish. We have quite a collection of their recipes both clipped from magazines and newspapers, but also in their own handwriting. Seeing Grandma Wehrwein’s familiar cursive writing when making Banana Bread, for instance, provides extra meaning and a unique connection across generations. Now, daughters Becky and Jennie also make this famous bread, even by adding in milk chocolate chips & omitting the walnuts in the case of Becky’s family —son Owen has tree nut allergies. Delicious all the time!

My hot dog fell out of the bun, while I was perched in an awesome big tree in the huge front yard in La Junta, CO. While I was devastated, Mom didn’t have much sympathy, as I recall .

I remember singing acapella in lovely harmony with Mom and Dad: “Follow Follow”

Mom collected "Jane Ace-isms" ("Easy Aces," a radio program written by Goodman and Jane Ace), which brought chuckles to me every time, very similar to spontaneously cracking puns by Uncle Chuck and his sons, Steve, Kevin, and Keith:

'Time wounds all heels.
He has me sitting on pins and cushions waiting.
You could have knocked me down with a fender.
Home wasn't built in a day.
I look like the wrath of grapes.
Congress is back in season.
Up at the crank of dawn.'" 
  27 Nov 2019
Carol Jean Wehrwein Thomas (1929-2017)
Carol Jean Wehrwein Thomas (1929-2017)


"Carol was always so feisty and determined that it really upsets me to think she might have been so debilitated at the end. It is also very hard for the family to watch a loved one go through such a challenging experience and so I hope you feel reassured that at least now she is definitely in a much better place.

I will miss her as she had been my patient for many years and she was always very motivated to try things that might help her see better. May we all have her courage and positive demeanor through our challenges in life."


"I will always remember her for her sharp sense of humor, her beautiful smile, and her love of chocolate ice cream!"


"Coming into the waiting room to greet Carol for her physical therapy appointments, she never failed to start off our session with "Well there is little Miss Sunshine." She was always skeptical and sarcastic of my encouragement and acknowledgement of all the progress I watched her make our the course of our time together. The clinic assistants would comment to me at the end of our sessions on the notable improvement in her walking ability because of my efforts and patience with her, but I was always quick to attribute all of Carol's improvement and success to her highly motivated character.

She will always be remembered for her determination and perseverance with all of the exercises and tasks given to her during each session. Carol is truly missed amongst the clinic staff, and certainly is a face/personality that will never be forgotten."


"Carol was an honest, loving person, who tried her best. She never missed an appointment at the clinic. Sarah, her physical therapist, was amazing working with her and, later, with Roy, so patient and professional. Sarah and I went to visit Carol at the rehab nursing home and hope she liked the white teddy bear we gave her. Sarah and I will always remember her!" 
  27 Nov 2019


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'Language in Thought and Action' signed by author S.I. Hayakawa
"Language in Thought and Action" signed by author S.I. Hayakawa

On 30 May 1950, in a seminar room designed by Frank Lloyd Wright at Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida, S.I. Hayakawa talked about his recent book. with Carol Jean Wehrwein, Roy Ricard Thomas, and a half dozen other undergraduates. 
  27 Nov 2019
Carol Jean Wehrwein (1929-2017) member, International Society for General Semantics
Carol Jean Wehrwein (1929-2017) member, International Society for General Semantics

Carol joined the Society and was an avid reader of "ETC: A Review of General Semantics."

". . . And Lingo Was Their Game-O," by J.J. McCoy (Washington "Post," March 13, 2003):

In a spartanly furnished classroom of the Smithsonian's S. Dillon Ripley Center, three stories below the National Mall in D.C., conspirators are hard at work.

They're conjuring up words. They'd like nothing better than to invent them, then sit back and listen to the rest of us use them. They want this so much that each has given up five hours of a Saturday and paid upward of $120 to hear Erin McKean, the 31-year-old senior editor for Oxford University Press's American English dictionaries, talk about the life and death of language. She discusses the birth of "bling-bling," "soccer moms" and "reality TV," just a few of the phrases that have slipped into American vernacular in recent years. . . .

The 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary is considered the most comprehensive reference for the English language. The company's two-volume Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (SOED), released last fall, saw fit to include 3,500 new words by using its '5 by 5 by 5' rule: five examples in five printed sources over five years. . . .

[Among the attendees:) At ages 76 and 73, respectively, Roy and Carol Thomas of Montgomery County share a mutual interest in language and opsimathy (from 1656, learning acquired late in life). A retired high school librarian who teaches English as a second language at Montgomery College, Carol is driven to bruxism (grinding of teeth) at the thought of the word "tasked," cited by Oxford back in 1828. . . ." 
  27 Nov 2019
S.I. Hayakawa, 'Language in Thought and Action' (published 1949)
S.I. Hayakawa, "Language in Thought and Action" (published 1949)

Wikipedia: "Professionally, Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa (1906-1992) was a linguist, psychologist, semanticist, teacher, and writer. He served as an instructor at the University of Wisconsin from 1936 to 1939 and at the Armour Institute of Technology (Illinois Institute of Technologyas of 1940) from 1939 to 1948.

His first book on semantics, "Language in Thought and Action," expanded its forerunner (and Book-of-the-Month Clubselection) "Language in Action," written from 1938 to 941.

With five editions from 1949-1991, "Language in Thought and Action" helped to popularize Alfred Korzybski's general semantics and semantics in general, . . ."

Hayakawa later served as president of San Francisco University (1968-1973) and a U.S. Senator from California (1977-1983). 
  27 Nov 2019


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Sharol Lyn Kehr Deal Headstone
Sharol Lyn Kehr Deal Headstone

Wife of Floyd E Deal

Sharol Lyn Kehr Deal
Oct 2, 1946-
Jesus said love one another as I have loved you. 
Oak Grove Cemetery     7 Dec 2019


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Guthrie, Emma Grant 
b. 9 Apr 1873   Complete 14 Dec 2019
Clute, Owen Richard 
b. 21 Mar 2016  Advocate Condell Medical Center, Libertyville, Lake, Illinois, USA  Complete 13 Dec 2019
Cosby, Mary Ann Elizabeth 
b. Abt. 1722  Somerset County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  Complete 10 Dec 2019
Cosby/Cossibye, John 
b. Abt. 1680  York County, Virginia  Complete 8 Dec 2019
Garland, Mary 
b. 14 Aug 1698  St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia  Complete 8 Dec 2019
Garland, Edward 
b. Abt. 1655  England  Complete 8 Dec 2019
Hensley, Mary 
b. Abt. 1668  St. Paul's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia  Complete 8 Dec 2019
Deal, Maria Magdalena 
b. 15 Aug 1756  Northampton, Pennsylvania  Complete 7 Dec 2019
Deal, Floyd Earl 
b. 18 Jul 1956  Vancouver, Clark County, Washington, U.S.A.  Complete 7 Dec 2019
Diehl, Johan Wilhelm 
b. 13 Dec 1717  Horschbach, Germany, ZIP 6799  Complete 7 Dec 2019
Virell, Darlene Jean 
b. 17 Jan 1934   Complete 7 Dec 2019
Deal, Floyd Earl 
b. 02 Sep 1932   Complete 7 Dec 2019
Deal, Mary Elizabeth 
b. Abt. 1744  Pennsylvania  Complete 7 Dec 2019
Deal, Anna Elizabeth 
b. Abt.1757   Complete 7 Dec 2019
Deal, William 
b. 8 Jun 1742   Berks County, Pennsylvania  Complete 7 Dec 2019
Deal, Elcanah L. 
b. Abt. 1831  Lincoln County, North Carolina, U.S.A.  Complete 7 Dec 2019
Deal, Daughter 
b. 1835-1840   Complete 7 Dec 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 I23839  David Jefferson Deal  I23840  Emma Grant Guthrie  2 Mar 1890  Complete 14 Dec 2019
 I23870  John Cosby/Cossibye  I23871  Mary Garland    Complete 8 Dec 2019
 I23872  Edward Garland  I23873  Mary Hensley    Complete 8 Dec 2019
 I15180  Floyd Earl Deal  I27458  Darlene Jean Virell    Complete 7 Dec 2019
 I7980  Johan Wilhelm Diehl  I13183  Mary Ann Elizabeth Cosby  Abt. 1742  Complete 7 Dec 2019
 I30311  Mathias Deal  I30312  Nancy Anders  15 Apr 1829  Complete 7 Dec 2019